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"Alex was amazing to have at the University of Michigan! He was an engaging speaker and his presence elevated the REUSE! film experience. My friends in the audience raved about Alex and the film for a week after the event.  Alex's humor, humility, and passion for REUSE inspired me to think creatively about reusing materials and he left me eager to continue the conversation with my peers."

- Ari M. Weil, Graham Sustainability Institute, University of Michigan 

"No other environmental based film has you leaving with so much hope and optimism for the future. The documentary was clever, precise and entertaining. Everybody left with an idea for personal change. Alex and his work are truly inspiring."
- Meghann Cranford, Sustainability Club President University of Wyoming

“Viewing the film and then hanging out with Deek and Alex and the Box Truck is a festival of creativity and joy; then, in the afterglow we are left with lively questions about how we could/should be living our lives. Great fun! An invitation to change!”
- Paul Wann, Art Department Chair, The Governor’s Academy

"The Box Truck tiny home captivated everyone who stepped inside! Students, employees, parents, and members of the greater Rye community were so inspired by Alex and Deek’s visit. It sparked many conversations about sustainability, resourcefulness, and living with less. Alex and Deek’s creativity and humor made for an entertaining and informative day!"

- Kerry Linderoth, Director of Sustainability at Rye Country Day School

"Alex maintains an incredibly positive attitude on a subject that is often surrounded with pessimism. Even after battling a snow storm, Alex came to the Salt Lake premiere with high energy and an eagerness to share his incredible stories that he's gathered from across the U.S."

- Courtney Dean, Environment, Arts and Recreation Coordinator at the Bennion Center at the University of Utah

“Dayton was happy to host two screenings for this documentary. Staff, visitors, and students all enjoyed the movie and described it as an “eye opener”.  The movie has made a real impact to transition our minds from the RECYCLING lens to eliminating waste by REUSING”

- Lamees Mubaslat, AIA, LEED AP BD+C, Architect, Sustainability Director

"The Box Truck documentary was a hit, showcasing creativity and repurposing at its best. All who came left knowing that a reuseful way of life isn’t as hard as we often think and small moves to take better care of our planet make a meaningful difference."
- Lori Fields, Executive Director, Trackside Teen Center

"Students were intrigued by the endless possibilities of reusing materials and loved touring the truck and discovering its secrets. Alex and Derek brought a wonderful energy and perspective highlighting different ways of living, utilization of materials and providing opportunities for building community through creative reuse projects and storytelling. I hope we can bring them back in the future!"
- Corey Berman, UVM Recycling & Zero Waste Coordinator

"I want you to know that you inspired me today. I admit that I’m one of those people that have always kind of looked down my nose at shopping at the Salvation Army store. Since meeting you and following your Facebook feed, my prejudice has been chipped away, so today I stopped in the local Salvation Army store that I’ve driven past hundreds of times. I wanted to find a T-shirt or 2... Thanks for making me think differently."
- Tim Thompson, Facebook User

“Alex’s positive attitude is contagious and oh so refreshing coming from an environmental movie. And that title! : It’s so right on!”
Bea Johnson, Zero Waste Home

"What an adventure to follow Alex and Deek as they create this tiny house on wheels! The film's message is about reuse and minimizing our footprint. It is not just thought-provoking. It evokes a personal desire to make changes.Watching them during the build was entertaining, comical, and personal."
- Amazon Customer

"Wilton Go Green's mission is to educate, engage and inspire green living within all of our residents. Bringing Alex Eaves and his Box Truck to our Reuse Wilton event met each area of our mission.  Alex's passion helped people see the simple yet powerful act of a reuse lifestyle through touring his Box Truck and viewing the Box Truck Film. Attendees left inspired to be more conscious consumers and to make simple changes in their own lives."
- Tammy Thornton, Wilton Go Green

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