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We offer a variety of in-person and virtual events around the world as an entertaining and interactive way for people to be educated about reuse and sustainability. Our events help shed light on some of the misconceptions of recycling and encourage a shift in thinking about how and why reuse is the more effective choice. They’re filled with fun and easy reuse solutions that audiences of all ages can incorporate into their lives to escape the waste.


Our events vary from a screening of one of two award winning films to a full day with The REUSE! Box Truck. In addition to reuse and sustainability, our events also touch on: Affordable Housing, Art, Business, Creativity, Environmentalism, Following Your Passion, Science, Saving Money and Tiny Houses.

To make your events successful, we offer various promotional tools for all of our events. Our events can be a great fundraising tool as well.​ We look forward to hosting your event soon!


Co-Builders Alex Eaves and Derek Diedricksen take the REUSE! Box Truck on the road and to your event; bringing their exciting example of reuse sustainability right to your establishment! It's not only a tiny house, but also a one of a kind, mobile reuse education center! The hands-on tour of the Box Truck is a FAN FAVORITE! During the tours, attendees get a deep dive into how reuse can be applied to anyone's daily life, from how you dress to how you work to how you sleep to how you cook. In addition to tours, truck events feature our "Reuse Art Pop Up Gallery with STAY VOCAL Reuse Apparel and Deek’s Reclaimed Art. When their is a film screening involved, sometimes the documentary is shown on the side of the truck!

REUSE! Box Truck Events

Film Screenings

A screening of one or both of our two award winning films is a great way to promote the reuse movement to your school, community, non-profit group, neighborhood etc.


REUSE! Because You Can't Recycle The Planet. follows Alex Eaves' cross-country adventure to the 48 contiguous U.S. states. It leaves you with a positive outlook for our future with endless reuse solutions for the waste problem that benefit people, planet, and wallet. 


The Box Truck Film: Building A Reuseful Home focuses on the transformation of a 17-foot moving truck into a 98-square foot tiny house and mobile reuse education center. Using almost nothing but reused, repurposed, and dumpster-dived materials, the duo’s “triumph over junk” showcases the endless benefits of the reuse lifestyle, which are implemented in very creative (and even comical) ways.

Screenings of these films are offered in a variety of options. Along with a Q&A session, these can be done in person or virtually anywhere in the world.

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Speaking Engagements

Eaves has spoken everywhere from coffee shops to schools to corporate meetings to local governments. During the speaking engagement, Eaves takes the audience on an edutaining deep dive into what reuse sustainability means, how it differs from recycling and the incredibly important role it plays in helping to heal our planet. He educates people about the endless possibilities and solutions reuse offers and discusses his role as the “connector” to reuse resources and collaboration opportunities.


Eaves also highlights some of the most innovative and resourceful sustainability solutions from his two award winning films: REUSE! Because You Can’t Recycle The Planet. and The Box Truck Film; Building a Reuseful Home. Eaves' events provide an entertaining and interactive way for people of all ages and lifestyles to learn about reuse sustainability and incorporating fun and easy reuse ideas into their lives! 

In addition to speaking engagements, Eaves also offers consulting services for businesses, organizations and anyone who wants to prevent wasted resources, opportunities, time, and money.

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REUSE! Pop Up Galleries

Eaves will set up a pop up gallery featuring a collection of his 1 of a Kind REUSE! T-Shirts. It's not only a pop up shop, but an educational event. Eaves will educate attendees on the 20 years of his brand STAY VOCAL and how he chose to stop making new items and saved countless resources in the process. It's not just learning about the problems and the solutions. People can take instant reuse action.

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