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About Us

We live in challenging times. Waste from mass consumption has led to pollution and climate change that is threatening human survival and our planet's existence. While recognition and awareness is important, direct action is by far most effective. And unfortunately, traditional recycling has not been enough.

The solution is simple and it’s "nothing new"... REUSE! Reuse offers a more sustainable solution that everyone can be a part of.

We are an edutainment company focused on reuse solutions for the worldwide waste problem. We strive to encourage a shift in thinking about our daily needs and wants. By connecting people with reuse solutions, we help people prevent wasted resources, opportunities, time, and money.

Our events, media, and online resources provide an entertaining and interactive way of showcasing the benefits of reusing when it comes to our worldwide waste problem and healing our planet.

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Meet The Founder

Alex Eaves, the Founder and Director of Escape the Waste, has been successfully helping people combat the worldwide waste problem for over two decades by connecting them with reuse solutions.


In 2003, Eaves created the skateboard and apparel brand, STAY VOCAL, and reuse themed products were used as a promotional tool. In 2008, Eaves won a national "Best Small Business Idea" Award when he switched the brand to an entirely reuse apparel brand. That same year, Eaves began leading a passionate reuse lifestyle. In 2014, Eaves became a certified Master Reuser by the Reuse Institute. He's also the director of two award winning documentaries: REUSE! Because You Can't Recycle The Planet. (2015) and The Box Truck Film: Building A Reuseful Home (2022).


Eaves' edutainment company, Escape the Waste, provides a fun and interactive way to educate people of all ages about the importance of reusing when it comes to helping our shared planet and preventing wasted personal resources, opportunities, time, and money.


Learn more about Alex


Who We Work With

  • Businesses
    i.e. Converse, Inclusion Records, Sanctuary Bistro


  • Cities/Towns 
    i.e. Arlington, MA, Dayton, OH , Greensboro, NC

  • Educational Institutions (Public & Private K-12, Colleges)
    i.e. Rye Country Day School, Ramapo College of NJ, University of Michigan


  • Event Planners
    i.e. Ampersand Creative Co, United Tiny House Association

  • Individuals

  • Non Profit Organizations
    i.e. Habitat for Humanity, Red Robin Song Animal Sanctuary, Sustainable Practices


  • Sports Teams

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