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The Box Truck Film:
Building A Reuseful Home

Two builders convert a moving truck into a tiny house and mobile reuse education center. Using almost nothing but reused, repurposed and dumpster-dived materials, their triumph over junk showcases the endless benefits of the reuse life. Through creative (and even comical) solutions, the film proves that almost anything we need to thrive in our daily lives already exists in abundance.

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Does building a home using almost nothing but reused, repurposed, and dumpster-dived materials sound daunting? Well, that’s exactly what one particular duo set upon doing. "The Box Truck Film: Building a Reuseful Home" is the latest project from filmmaker and reuse expert Alex Eaves and former HGTV host and designer Derek "Deek" Diedricksen. These two DIY forces have come together with director Jason Kimball to create a documentary that focuses on the transformation of a box truck into not only a mobile reuse education center, but also an effective and attractive full time living space. The reuse and tiny house movements continue to grow every year and this film provides a clear and entertaining means for people of all ages to see the practical benefits of reusing to reduce waste in their own lives. "By doing so, we can help our planet, our community, and even our personal and financial well-being."


Showcasing both their joys and frustrations, the film delivers the entire process of the box truck metamorphosis; from its initial design phase to Alex’s three years of living and traveling through the U.S. Throughout this largely self-documented journey of converting a 17-foot moving truck into a 98-square foot tiny house, you will witness the endless benefits of and approaches to the reuse lifestyle, which are often implemented in very creative (and even comical) ways. In their virtual "triumph over junk,” Alex and Deek were able to reuse for every step of the construction process; from the truck and building materials to the decorations and mere screws. Ultimately, "The Box Truck Film" stands as a mission to prove that almost everything we need to thrive in our daily lives already exists in abundance.

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Over the years, we've brought the truck to festivals, conferences, communities, non-profits, businesses and. schools of all age levels to 25 states in the U.S. Film screenings and tours of the tiny house are an entertaining and interactive way for people to be educated about sustainability and filled with fun and easy reuse ideas that anyone can incorporate. Other subject matters that relate include Art, Creativity, Science, Saving Money, Business, Environmentalism and Following Your Passion. For all event inquiries, please email Alex at

* Currently Booking through Fall 2024 * 

*** denotes events with builders/filmmakers


2/8/24 Rye, NY - Film Screening, Truck Tours at Rye Country Day School (Private Event) ***

4/6/24 Providence, RI - Truck Tours at Bloom Flower and Home Market ***

4/7/24 Providence, RI - Truck Tours at Bloom Flower and Home Market ***

4/10/24 Canton, MA - Truck Tours at Hansen Elementary School (Private Event) ***

5/2/24 Andover, NH - Truck Tours at Proctor Academy (Private Event) ***

Past Events

3/5/22 Ocean City, MD - Film Screening at Ocean City Film Festival (Tickets/Info)

4/28/22 Byfield, MA - Film Screening, Truck Tours at The Governor's Academy (Private Event) ***

4/29/22 Cohasset, MA - Truck Tours at South Shore Eco Fest (Tickets/Info) ***
5/14/22 Newmarket, AL - Film Screening at Leigh Acres (Tickets/Info) ***

5/22/22 Worcester, MA -Truck Tours at New England Veg Fest (Tickets/Info) ***

7/14/22 Brockton, MA - Official Premiere at Fuller Craft Museum (Tickets/Info) ***

7/23/22 Hamden, CT - Truck Tours at Compassion Fest (Tickets / Info) ***

8/20/22 New Lebanon, NY - NY Premiere & Truck Tours at Red Robin Song Animal Sanctuary (Tickets/Info) ***

8/27/22 Pittsburgh, PA - Truck Tours at Construction Junction (Tickets/Info) ***

8/27/22 Pittsburgh, PA - Pennsylvania Premiere at Hollywood Theater (Tickets/Info) ***

9/3/22 Chatham, MA - Film Screening & Truck Tours at Chatham Orpheum Theater (Tickets/Info) ***

9/23-9/25/22 Orleans, VT - Film Screening & Truck Tours at Tiny House Summercamp (Tickets/Info) ***

9/26/22 Concord, NH - Truck Tours at Bona Fide Eco + Refill Shop (Tickets / Info) ***

10/16/22 New Haven, CT - Connecticut Premiere at New Haven Documentary Film Festival (Tickets/Info) ***

10/22/22 Danville, GA - Georgia Premiere at South Eastern Tiny House Festival (Tickets/Info)

3/21/23 Pembroke, MA - Film Screening, Truck Tours at North Pembroke Elementary School (Private Event) ***

3/25/23 Wilton, CT - Film Screening, Truck Tours at Trackside Teen Center ***

4/5/23 Worcester, MA - Film Screening, Truck Tours at Clark University ***

4/6/23 Worcester, MA - Film Screening, Truck Tours at Clark University ***

4/19/23 Burlington, VT - Film Screening, Truck Tours at University of Vermont ***

4/21/23 Bridgewater, MA - Film Screening, Truck Tours at Bridgewater State University ***

5/30/23 Hanson, MA - Film Screening, Truck Tours at Indian Head Elementary School (Private Event) ***

8/6/23 Providence, RI - Truck Tours at Hope Street Spring Block Party ***

9/5/23 Bangor, ME - Film Screening, Truck Tours at Husson University ***

9/27/23 Greenville, NC - Film Screening, Truck Tours at East Carolina University ***

10/7/23 Taylorsville, NC Film Screening at Alexander Central High School (Private Event) ***

10/14/23 Charleston, WV - Film Screening, Truck Tours at Sustainability in Motion EcoVibe Symposium ***

10/22/23 Evanston, IL - Film Screening and Panel Discussion at Rebuilding Exchange





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Director, Producer, Videographer

Alex Eaves is a reuse expert and has been leading a passionate “reuse life” since 2008. He is the owner of the green certified reuse apparel brand, STAY VOCAL and also the director of the award winning documentary, REUSE! Because You Can't Recycle The Planet. In 2014, he became a certified Master Reuser by the Reuse Institute. For the past few years, Eaves has been living and traveling in The REUSE! Box Truck, a moving truck that was converted into a 98-square foot tiny house and mobile reuse education center.

Deek chop headshot.JPG


Director, Videographer

Deek is a professional tree house and tiny house builder and has been an enthusiast since 1987. He has hosted and designed for numerous TV shows for The DIY Network, The History Channel, Make TV, and was the recent host for HGTV's "Tiny House Builders.” Deek has taught hands-on building workshops worldwide since 2010 and runs the YouTube design channel RelaxshacksDOTcom (with 220,000+ subscribers). He is the author of four books including the bestseller "Microshelters" and has had his art and designs featured in the NY TImes, The Boston Globe, The homepage of, and in Forbes Magazine. His specialty is building with salvaged and repurposed materials, often in creative, colorful, and whimsical ways. Deek is a longtime Stoughton, MA resident and won the 2016 Stoughton Citizen of the Year award for his work with several abandoned storefront reuse art projects.

Jason headshot 2.JPG


Videographer, Editor, Director

Jason Kimball is a documentary filmmaker and music producer living in Boston, MA. Jason is passionate about collaborative storytelling with a particular interest in projects that celebrate local artists, explore spirituality, or help to build collective power.



If you’re interested in booking the REUSE! Box Truck for your town, school, event, business, etc. please email Alex at

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