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Our mission is to bring together the benefits of reuse to encourage individuals to reduce waste in their daily life; sustainable solutions that save people money, improve people’s lives and enhance the quality of life for our planet.


We provide reuse solutions for needs and wants to prevent wasted resources, opportunities, money, and time. These come in the form of a variety of media, edutainment, products, and events that showcase the benefits of reusing for people, planet and wallet. We show people how reusing is effective, easy, fun, and it’s for everyone!

The Reuse Life was created by reuse edutainer Alex Eaves, who began leading a passionate “reuse life” in 2008. Eaves is the owner of the green certified reuse apparel brand, STAY VOCAL and also the director of the award winning documentaries, REUSE! Because You Can't Recycle The Planet and The Box Truck FIlm: Building A Reuseful Home.


“The easier you can make it for people to reuse, the more likely they are to do it.”

– Ruthie Mundell from the REUSE! Documentary.

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